Warm pretzel loaf with molasses chilli butter (v) $13

Melted pimento cheese dip with crispy tortilla chips (v) (gf) $12

Onion rings with Alabama BBQ sauce (v) $11.50

Baked mac n’ cheese $14

Cajun shoestring fries with comeback sauce (v) (gf) (ve option) $11

Caramel smashed potatoes, spring onion and parmesan (v) (gf) $12.50

BOO’S SLIDERS x3 on fresh house-made pretzel buns $22.50

Pork belly slider - green apple kimchi, Carolina gold BBQ sauce

Southern fried chicken slider - bread & butter pickles, house slaw

Pan-fried halloumi slider - sugercane, aioli, cucumber lime pickle, (v)

Braised beef cheek slider - caramelised onion, rocket, bourbon mustard

Add another slider for $7


Southern fried chicken tenderloins with maple & black pepper caramel sauce (gfo) $22.50 (add waffle for $6)

Angus sirloin (300g), jus with a side of caramel smashed potatoes (gf option) $36

Bourbon & Coke glazed pork ribs (gf) 1/2kg $28 | 1kg $49

Chargrilled asparagus quesadilla with goat cheese, prosciutto, salsa fresca, smoked red capsicum sauce (gf) (v option) $22

Fried cauliflower in coconut tempura batter with maple & black pepper caramel sauce (v) (df) (ve) $17

Roasted beetroot and orange salad, pistachios, haloumi, watercress with maple lemon dressing (v) (gf) (df & ve option with toful 'haloumi') $18

Chargrilled tuna (served chilled) with black bean & mango salsa, avocado puree, smoked red capsicum and maple glazed bacon (gf) (df) $25

Grilled romaine lettuce topped with cowboy caviar, bacon, garlic croutons, roasted pecans & blue cheese dressing (v option) (ve option) $19

Creole shrimp, red beans and rice, maple sriracha sauce $26


Pecan Pie with whipped creams $15

Banana Split (for 2) with caramelised run pineapple, salted caramel, candied pecans, ice cream and whipped cream $18

Dessert of the week - never disappoints $15


Coleslaw $8

Cowboy Caviar $8

Cornbread with chilli butter $9

Red beans and rice $8

Alabama BBQ Sauce $3

Black pepper caramel $3

Molasses chilli butter $3

V Vegetarian | GF Gluten Free | VE Vegan | DF Dairy Free